Mission and Values

More Than A Mission...We're Compelled

Mission Statement

Core Values

As in any construction project, the finished project doesn't just happen, at least with precision and sustainability without a well drawn floor plan or blue print. Our core values represent our blue print.

Our core values fall under three themes:


1)  Empowering Others

- Giving people the tools they need to succeed

- Encouragement

- Fostering self-esteem


2) Compassion

- Empathy in action

- Love in action

- Nonjudgmental acceptance


3) Respect for all

- Listening to the ideas and opinions of others

- Being inclusive

- Open communication

- Truthfulness


Our mission is to prevent and end homelessness. Key characteristics of SSPADS’ programs are interfaith partnerships, hospitality, compassion, service and dignity.










South Suburban PADS' commitment is act out of  "charity" or love towards our fellow human beings, particularly those who are struggling from social and spiritual oppression including homelessness and hopelessness.


We support Mead (2011) in his premise that helping those less fortunate is a priority, but  'helping' primarily means to restore those less fortunate to community rather than simply to subsidize or liberate.   (p. 62).  The community is based on mutual expectations about good behavior. Poverty, Mead argues represents system failure where normally, society has neglected those in need. But, the answer to alleviating poverty is not necessarily redistribution, but the building of relationships through transformed lives, where both sides give and receive.


In essence our work strives not to spend more or less on those we help, but to do what our program participants require most. Practical assistance is needed, everyone needs something tangible, but it also requires challenging them to think differently, advocate for themselves and extend compassion, to the best of their ability to others as well.




 SSPADS has served over 17,000 men, women and children; and 422,780 shelter nights have been provided. Many of those same congregations are still are partners today. In addition to emergency shelter SSPADS provides permanent  supportive housing units, of which 77 are located in our Country Club Hills Wellness Center.




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Our Locations

South Tier

414 W. Lincoln Highway

Chicago Heights, IL 60411


Wellness Center

4411 W. Gatling Blvd.

Country Club Hills, IL 60478