History and Overview

South Suburban PADS (SSPADS) has humble beginnings not

unlike most social service or human services agencies.











We began in 1990 as a response to the growing numbers of individuals and families becoming homeless in the “southland” region (Chicago’s south suburbs). Originally partnering with three congregations, an overnight, emergency shelter network was born. Today, the emergency shelter network is still in existence and the 3 sites have grown to 16 sites in conjunction with 7 BEDS Plus sites. However, rather than a stand-alone program, the shelter network is a response to individual and family homelessness and an effective way to engage participants so we can move them on to transitional and optimally, permanent supportive and affordable housing.


Since it’s opening 27 years ago, SSPADS has served over 15,000 men, women and children; and over 500,000 shelter nights have been provided. In addition to the shelter network SSPADS now manages 83 owned rental units and manages another 50 or so leased permanent supportive housing units, of which 77 are located in our  Country Club Hills Wellness Center. To bolster housing stability, supportive services are provided and include an on-site primary health care program, employment services comprised of job readiness, a culinary arts training program and placement in living wage jobs with a career path.


SSPADS is well aware that no organization can be successful without our partners who sacrifice, time, talent and gifts. We are grateful for their support, prayers and well-wishes. Ending homelessness is a daunting task, but we press on…


From humble beginnings, to a leader in the “southland” region, SSPADS is on the move, transforming lives, building community, and changing systems.


Who We Serve


As a leading provider of emergency shelter

services, transitional and permanent housing,

SSPADS serves individuals and families who

are experiencing homelessness, formerly

homeless, or at-risk of homelessness.

Participants must be 18 years of age

and older to participate in all of SSPADS'

programs. If you are an unaccompanied

youth and need resources you may call us

and receive referrals to an appropriate





SSPADS' has 16 shelter locations within

various communities in the south suburbs of  Chicago. Our service area includes communities Country Club Hills, Chicago Heights, Oak Lawn, Park Forest, Harvey, Ford Heights, Tinley Park, Hazel Crest, Matteson, and many more!




SSPADS is the only agency in the south suburbs delivering the PADS (Public Action to Deliver Shelter) model of shelter services; and is the first agency to develop and build, in partnership with Turnstone Development Corporation, the first permanent supportive housing building in the region, specifically for individuals and families ecperiencing homelessness.




Who We Are

Excellence in Action


 SSPADS has served over 17,000 men, women and children; and 422,780 shelter nights have been provided. Many of those same congregations are still are partners today. In addition to emergency shelter SSPADS provides permanent  supportive housing units, of which 77 are located in our Country Club Hills Wellness Center.




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Our Locations

South Tier

414 W. Lincoln Highway

Chicago Heights, IL 60411


Wellness Center

4411 W. Gatling Blvd.

Country Club Hills, IL 60478